We are pleased to offer premium CrossFit classes to our members through a partnership with CrossFit Vendetta.

What is Crossfit?

  • CrossFit is a universal fitness program designed to make you strong, fit, and agile. Our programs fit the needs of anyone from college athletes to the elderly.
  • We specialize in taking people of all ages and fitness levels, helping them reach their full potential. The one thing our members have in common is the desire to show up and do their best during every workout.

We strongly believe that CrossFit is the most effective and efficient general fitness program you can undertake.

  • At CrossFit Vendetta we utilize constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity to deliver dramatic results for people of all experience and skill levels.
  • We also focus on performing many highly-technical movements that deliver the most impactful results.
  • All new members will be introduced to and taught the lifts until they feel comfortable with them, and if for any reason you can’t do a lift, we always have alternative movements you can try.

Constantly Varied: Very rarely will you perform the same workout twice at CrossFit Vendetta. By always doing something different, you keep your body guessing and eliminate the boredom that often comes along with cookie-cutter fitness programs. We do, however, utilize certain “benchmark” workouts (repeated every few months) to measure progress.

Functional Movements: By incorporating training that mimics movements involved in everyday life – running, jumping, throwing, squatting, pushing, pulling, and lifting – we seek to prepare you for any challenges you may encounter.

High Intensity: Many of our workouts are timed and designed to be completed as quickly and as safely as possible. Performing workouts in this manner is the best way to elicit changes in performance and body composition.

Please see CrossFit Vendetta for more information on prices and class times.

Contact us at or by phone 313-336-4400