Personal Training

Along with state of the art equipment, The Fairlane Club features the best Personal Trainers in the industry. Our trainers synergize exercise, nutrition, and education to produce the results our clients seek. At The Fairlane Club most of our trainers are either certified through a nationally recognized organization, have a college degree in Exercise Science, or both. Our Personal Trainers will help you achieve fitness goals. Trainers will work with you to ensure they can accommodate your fitness level and still produce the type of results great clients strive for. When you choose to use one of our Personal Trainers, you will be in the most capable hands in the industry.

Our Trainers Specialize in
• Strength Training
• Weight Loss
• Core Stability
• Functional Training/CrossFit
• Balance
• Sports-Specific Training
• Pre/Post Natal
• Post-Rehabilitation
• Programs for Seniors
• Body Building
• Special Populations
• Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Meet the Trainers

Al Edwards

Years of Experience:
Over 25

Bachelor of Science, University of Michigan

Johnny G. Spinning - Level 2 Coach
American Red Cross CPR/AED

Performance Enhancement for Athletes
Injury Rehabilitation

Mountain Bike Racing, Trail Running Racing,
Off Road Triathlons and Adventure Racing

College, High School, and Club Volleyball Coach since 1982

Kelly Khaled

Years of Experience:
Over 40

National Academy of Sports Medicine USA Diploma; Harcourt Learning Direct in Fitness, USA Honorary Doctorate, England New Castle
Master of Human Body Physiology; National Academy of Physical Culture Cardio Fitness, Czech Republic

CPFT Certificate 409-A, June 2005

Weight Loss
Body Building & Toning
Mr. Universe Training

Jeff Kuhary

Years of Experience:

Athletic conditioning

I aim to expose each of my clients’ capabilities and take it upon myself to push them beyond the mental illusion known as “limitation”.

I particularly enjoy working with extremely determined individuals, such as athletes, and pushing them to develop into the best that they can be.

I find value in providing guidance for people that are serious about weight loss, as it takes a lot for a person to commit to such a demanding and admirable endeavor.

Alexia Palka

Years of Experience:
Over 14

B.S. in Exercise Science

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist

Bodyweight Training
Circuit Training
Back Pain
Sport Specific
Cardio Endurance
Kids Fitness
Pre/Postnatal Conditioning
Weight Loss
Lifestyle Coaching

Fitness Philosophy:
I have developed a great passion for teaching people how to be healthy and enjoy life. I have high expectations of my clients, expecting them to work hard every session we train. I approach every session as an educational journey, customizing each session to ensure every client has long term success.

Nezar Habhab

Years of Experience:
5+ years of lifting, 17 years of hockey

Hybrid bodybuilding and power lifting routines

Well versed in agility training necessary for college athlete development

Rebecca Vasan

ACE certified group fitness instructor

Competitive gymnast since age 4

Specialty: Working with women

I have a passion for health and Fitness.
Growing up as a competitive gymnast starting at the age of four has taught me discipline, to work hard, and to be physically active my whole life.
My aim is to help others be healthy and strong, living life confidently in their own skin.
From becoming toned, to improving agility and skill as an athlete or already fit individual, I hope to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Carolyn Matigian

Personal trainer

Class instructor:
HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training)High-energy aquatic fitness