Seasonal Alumni Program

We offer a program to our members that allows them to reduce their membership dues for periods of time while they are staying out of town. The rules for Seasonal Alumni are as follows:

  • During the first 12 months of membership, during the time under contract, the member does not qualify for seasonal alumni
• After the first year (months 13-24) member qualifies for 2 months of seasonal alumni
  • After the second year (months 25-36) member qualifies for 2 months of seasonal alumni
  • After the third year (months 37-48) member qualifies for 4 months of seasonal alumni
  • After the forth year and thereafter, member qualifies for 6 months of seasonal alumni
o Seasonal alumni must all be used at one time
o It cannot be split up and used throughout the year and does not roll over
o Time starts over from the month of enrollment, ex: enrolled in October of 2011, they are not eligible for seasonal until November of 2012 and then it would be only 2 months. Each year as a member, seasonal alumni would start over for them in November.

Qualifying Criteria for Seasonal Alumni

  • Once determined that a member qualifies for the program, one must fill out a Change of Status Form and sign it. It must be filled out completely with a start date and an end date.
  • The member must have a seasonal home that they use for periods of the year. Ex: People who leave for the winter, people who have a summer home in another state, or people who have another home that they use every year at the same time.
  • They must also fill out an address of where they will be staying during the duration of the seasonal status.
Leaving the state for work for a short term does not qualify
o Religious Holidays do not qualify. Ex: Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah,
o Going on vacation (short term) does not qualify
  • Wanting to take off during Christmas or any other time that a member is not physically leaving the state, does not qualify

For further information please contact our membership director at (313) 336-4400 or email