Summer Membership

Starts: The Friday before Memorial Day
Ends: The Tuesday after Labor Day

This membership must be paid in full at the time of purchase. Full facility use is included and tennis is available with paid court fees.

This membership will not have charging privileges, therefore all purchases made at the facility must be paid be cash or credit at the time of purchase.

Explanation of Membership Type

  • Individual Membership is one individual. He or she is the only person that uses the club. This membership does not offer daycare privileges
  • Couple Membership is a husband and wife, man and woman engaged to be married, or domestic partners with proof of residence. No children for daycare. Siblings, parent and child, and extended family do not qualify.
  • Family Membership is considered mother, father, and children that can be claimed as dependents up to the age of 21. With proof of enrollment in a college or university, the age of the dependent can be extended through the 25th birthday. Dependents must reside at the same residence as the parents. If the children are not enrolled in school, even if they reside in the same home as the parents, they will be removed from the family membership at the age of 21. On the date of the 21st/25th birthday accordingly, the child will be removed and required to have his/her own individual membership, as they can no longer be considered a dependent. Only siblings on an account together do not qualify as a family as well as any non-immediate family member. Ex: cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. The membership must consist of parents and children/dependents or parent and child/children if the parents are separated/divorced. Multifamily memberships are not allowed. If the parents cancel the membership, the children cannot continue to utilize the account. One parent must remain active at all times for the account to be considered a family membership.
  • Senior Memberships follow the above criteria with the exception that one of the primary account holders must be 62 years or older and grandchildren would be approved for the Senior Family Membership. Grandchildren must be on the account and accompanied by the grandparent in order to utilize the Club. An exception will be made if legal guardianship is held by the grandparent. Proof must be provided.

For further information please contact our membership director at (313) 336-4400 or email